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"You know you live in Arizona when... see more irrigation water on the street than there is in the Salt River."

Restaurant Review
Naples Ristorante

I was here once before about two years ago, but for some reason could not remember a thing about the experience except the atmosphere. So at least I had something to look forward to. However, I do recall the food being better this time than previously.

Feature Article
Gas Shortage - Rumor or Conspiracy?
by Nick Coons

Is there a gas shortage in Arizona? Of course not, but I figured the title would get your attention. And if you're ready this, then I was right. So now that you're reading this, let's put this to rest. No, the Kinder Morgan pipeline is not ruptured, and is not having any problems. Gas is flowing freely from Tucson to Phoenix and there are no problems whatsoever. The rumor was started by someone who heard a joke being broadcast over a police radio.

Arizona Dry Humor / Jokes
Joke Of The Week

A pair of tourists were out in the fields when they discovered an abandoned well near an old farm house. Of course they're curious so they drop a small stone into the well, but they never hear it hit bottom. They search and find a larger rock and drop it into the well but once again hear nothing. They decide they need something larger and search the farm yard for a larger object. After much struggle, they manage to drag a large railroad tie to the edge of the well and drop it over the edge.

After several seconds, a goat tears across the yard and without any hesitation, dives right into the open hole. The two tourists stand in amazement. About a minute later, a farmer appears and tells them he is looking for a lost goat. The tourists tell the farmer about the goat diving into the well.

"That couldn't be my goat", the farmer replies, "My goat was grazing in the field roped to a railroad tie!"
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