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"You know you live in Arizona when... eat hot chilis to cool your mouth off."

Restaurant Review
Misto Grill

The question: What happened to Olive's Big City Italian? The answer: I don't know. But it was initially a disappointing discovery to find out that one of my favorite Italian restaurants no longer exists, but what I found in its place was not a disappointment.

Feature Article
Over The Meadow And Through The Woods
by Nick Coons

It wasn't exactly a direct route, but it was scenic and the trip took us through a varying climate. We started at our home in Chandler, drove up I-17 to the Carefree Highway, west to Wickenburg, up through Congress and into Prescott, north to I-40, through Williams to Flagstaff, had dinner, and took I-17 back home. The weather ranged from warm to snow, and views changed just as dramatically.

Arizona Dry Humor / Jokes
Joke Of The Week

An Arizonan and a Texan were driving through Arizona one afternoon. As they drove down the highway, the Arizonan pointed out the sights.

Pointing out the car window, the Arizonan notes, "Look, over there is a cattle ranch."

"We have cattle ranches that are at least twice that size in Texas," claimed the Texan.

They drove on for another hour, and the Arizonan pointed out an area of cotton fields.

"In Texas, we have cotton fields that are much bigger than that," noted the Texan.

By this time, the Arizonan was starting to get annoyed. Not wanting to be outdone, he continued driving. An hour later, they reached northwestern Arizona. The Texan looks out the window at the Grand Canyon, points, and asks, "What is that?"

Without missing a beat, the Arizonan replies, "Don't you have irrgation ditches in Texas?"
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