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"You know you live in Arizona when... realize Valley Fever isn't a disco dance."

Restaurant Review
La Familia

This was one of those "It's time for a business lunch so let's try this place I've never been to before" reviews. I'm always up for Mexican food, and having grown up in Arizona, I'm used to it. Unfortunately, certain family obligations make it difficult to obtain (read as: My wife doesn't like Mexican food).

Feature Article
Snowcapped Photography
by Nick Coons

A few days ago, I noticed the top of four peaks as I was driving north on the 101 freeway -- They were snow-capped. I have seen this before, but this is the first time I found it interesting that I could see snow while I was in the valley. Granted, the snow itself wasn't in the valley, but I could see it while I was driving. I only see snow while driving when I'm in Flagstaff, or other places in the state where it snows, but not Phoenix.

Arizona Dry Humor / Jokes
Joke Of The Week

A wagon train is heading across the desert, when all of a sudden the wagon master notices that on all sides of the valley are Indians watching them.

He quickly forms the wagons into a circle to protect the families in the train. Nothing happens. Soon, drums are heard pounding out in the distance -- BUM, bum, bum, bum, BUM, bum, bum, bum, BUM, bum, bum, bum.

The wagon master tells the train, "I don't like the sound of this."

From out in the distance comes another voice, saying, "We don't like the sound of it either. He's not our regular drummer!"
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