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"You know you live in Arizona when...
...all of your out-of-state friends start to visit after October but clear out come the end of April."

Restaurant Review

Our original stop was not here, it was intended to be a pizza place down the road. However, that pizza place appeared to be either closed or abandoned. It was hard to tell. So we pulled up to Troia's, seeing that it was the nearest location we found that served pizza. After all, we were already set on what we wanted for dinner.

Feature Article
Gas Prices, Alternative Sources
by Nick Coons

This has been an increasingly popular topic. Two to three years ago, gas prices were pretty darn good. In fact, Arizona had a habit of coming in under the national average. And while we're nowhere near those prices found in California, we're definitely up there.

Arizona Dry Humor / Jokes
Joke Of The Week

A guy travelling through the prairies of the US stopped at a small town and went to a bar.

He stood at the end of the bar, ordered a drink, and lit up a cigar. As he sipped his drink, he stood there quietly blowing smoke rings.

After he blew nine or ten smoke rings into the air, an angry American Indian stomped up to him and said, "One more remark like that, and I'll smash your face in!"
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