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"You know you live in Arizona when... buy salsa by the gallon."

Restaurant Review
Abacus Inn

This isn't a mathematical hotel as the name my imply. It's a Chinese food restaurant, and the atmosphere is great. The first thing that happens as you enter, at least in the day time, is that your eyes must adjust to the darkness. You'll have no problem not stubbing your toes as you're shown to your seat by the friendly staff.

Feature Article
Happy New Year 2005!
by Nick Coons

Tempe is becoming more and more popular with it's New Year's Eve block party. I've only been once, which was a couple of years ago, but it seems that every year it's become twice as well known as the previous. I wouldn't be surprised if one day soon it rivals Times Square in New York City.

Arizona Dry Humor / Jokes
Joke Of The Week

A guy travelling through the prairies of the US stopped at a small town and went to a bar.

He stood at the end of the bar, ordered a drink, and lit up a cigar. As he sipped his drink, he stood there quietly blowing smoke rings.

After he blew nine or ten smoke rings into the air, an angry American Indian stomped up to him and said, "One more remark like that, and I'll smash your face in!"
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