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Wed May 29, 2024

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Desert Dave's Chile Stew

Dave decided long ago that he had lost his appetite for chowdah! So back in '76 moved from the coast of Maine to the dry heat of the southwest and although has the look of a grizzled old prospector is one of the finest wind chime artisans in the Southwest. He is a true artiste in the kitchen with a chili pepper, but is pure Monet with beans and rice!

1 pint hot chopped chili peppers
    (red or green)
2-3 onions
    (finely chopped)
4 cloves of garlic
2 pounds lean cubed beef or pork
3 potatoes
    cubed and salted to taste
   Desert Dave's Chile Stew

Saute meat and onions until delectibly brown, drain off the fat and add your favorite seasonings (be creative!) and enough hot water to cover meat and potatoes.

Simmer until meat is melt in your mouth tender. More water may be added as needed.

Serve with flour tortillas and a six pack of Corona!

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