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Fri Apr 12, 2024

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Ranchos Whateveros

Submitted a few years back by author and philosopher for the ages Ken Kesey who showed us all how easy it really is to "fly over the cuckoo's nest." Rancho's Whatevero's were enjoyed over early morning Mexican coffee by the likes of Jerry Garcia and Neal Cassidy.

Whatevero's are very popular the second or third day after the main dish that inspires them has faded from memory. Easiest of course, are the leftovers from a bulky Mexican meal.

Tortilla Chunks
  Ranchos Whateveros

Chop them all in a big hot skillet. Cook until the tortilla's are swollen and soaked, then crack about a half dozen eggs carefully. Top with chile sauce and chunks of cheese. Stick in heated oven and cook until bubbles can be seen. Then turn off the bottom heat and turn on the broiler until the eggs and cheese are turned light brown.

Serve for lunch or dinner or even breakfast. The same thing can be done with left over Chinese using noodles instead of tortillas. Or you can use left over corned beef or Thai food or anything that was good once and still has the body to be good again.

Best served with a cup of good Mexican Coffee.

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