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Thu Jun 20, 2024

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provides a free service to webmasters. You can quickly and easily place our code into any page on your site to have one of two weather buttons displayed on your site:

Large Button

Medium Button

Small Button

Arizona Paths Weather Button Arizona Paths Weather Button Arizona Paths Weather Button

To create the code for as many buttons as you'd like to place anywhere on your site, simply fill in the blanks below:

Button Size


To make your color selections, modify the six-character color codes in the boxes above. The code consists of the first two characters determining the amount of red from 00 to FF, the second two characters for green, and the third two for blue. Below are a couple of color examples to get started:

White - FFFFFF
Black - 000000
Red - FF0000
Green - 00FF00
Blue - 0000FF
Yellow - FFFF00
Purple - FF00FF
Cyan - 0000FF

Have fun experimenting and creating a weather button that fits perfectly into your site design!

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