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Wed May 29, 2024

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Wall Of Dust

One of the amazing things, especially for newcomers, during the monsoon

A season in Arizona of high winds and moisture, normally during July, August, and September. The Arizona Monsoon begins officially after the third consecutive day of the dew point reaching 55 degrees or higher, indicating higher humidity. During the monsoon, dust storms are typical, and rainfall is increased, causing flash floods.

is the infamous Wall of Dust. Being in a desert, we have no shortage of dust, and high winds will pick dust off the ground faster than you can say "But it's a DRY heat."

When the late afternoon winds pick up, they gather dust into the air that literally forms a wall of dust that slowly envelops the valley. You can see the massive dust cloud on the horizon and growing larger and larger as it gets nearer. But the most impressive view is probably from overhead news cameras in their helicopters.

If you're caught driving in a dust storm and visibility is reduced. Pull off as far to the right as you can, and turn off your lights to avoid having other vehicles think that you're moving traffic and cause a rear-end collision.

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