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Thu Dec 8, 2022

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New Year's Resolutions For Arizona Residents

- I will pronounce it "Preskit", not "Prescaught."
- If I am driving slowly down a highway and there are cars behind me, I will pull over and let them pass.
- I will do my best to not use a service provided by Qwest.
- I will not run red lights.
- I will shop for groceries at one of the three major chains -- Fry's, Fry's, or Fry's.
- I will always keep a snow shovel close at hand, even if I live in Phoenix, just in case.
- I will vote for a governor that I will later not want to recall.
- I will not claim, "This year, the Cardinals will turn it around!"
- If I am a snowbird, I will not leave my turn signal on for more than a 1/2 mile.
- If I am not a snowbird, I will use my turn signal at least once daily.

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