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Thu Jun 20, 2024

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Arizona's Weather System

Learn about Arizona's unique weather; our scorching dry heat, wet and windy monsoon, snowy winters; and oddly enough, how these can often occur nearly all at once.

Wall Of Dust

One of the amazing things, especially for newcomers, during the monsoon is the infamous Wall of Dust. Being in a desert, we have no shortage of dust, and high winds will pick dust off the ground fast...

Can't Stand the "Cold"?

Most people that live in Arizona have moved here from somewhere else, from somewhere colder (let's face it, everywhere is colder). They come here with the notion of enjoying the near-perfect weather,...

Dry Heat vs. Humid Heat

You've probably all heard the saying about Arizona's heat: "But it's a DRY heat," which is usually meant to imply that dry heat is better than humid heat. Phoenix is both hotter and drier than most o...

Arizona Monsoon

The Arizona Monsoon is a time during July, August, and September when the weather is unusually hot, humid, and windy. We receive more than 30% of our annual rainfall during this season. The drasti...

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